Build Your Fleet with Airport Toyota

Airport Toyota Fleet

Airport Toyota Melbourne has a dedicated Fleet department, offering a large range of passenger and commercial vehicles to eligible Toyota Fleet business customers (ABN holders inc.). Airport Toyota also support H.I.A and M.B.A members with Toyota Fleet Discounts available.

Fleet Options

Airport Toyota provides many Finance and Leasing options, to suit individual and business requirements.

  • Novated lease; a three way agreement. The employee, as lessee and the employer enter into a novated lease agreement with Toyota Fleet Management as the lessor.
  • Operating lease; outsources vehicle acquisition and disposal, the risk of ownership stays with Toyota Fleet Management.
  • Chattel mortgage; this type of finance option is similar to corporate hire purchase, except the client owns the vehicle.
  • Corporate hire purchase; usually taken out by individuals and large PTY LTD companies using the accrual method of accounting. Those using the cash method of accounting will not be able to claim the GST back upfront. The client does not own the vehicle.

Fleet Vehicles

The entire range of new Toyota Fleet cars are available in petrol and diesel models and in addition HiAce vehicles are available with factory approved gas conversion.

We are a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist

As a Fleet Specialist Dealership, Airport Toyota has dedicated Toyota experts with advanced knowledge of vehicles and efficient fleet planning. A Toyota Fleet Specialist makes better business sense for your fleet.

All you need to know about Toyota Fleet

Toyota Fleet is all about helping you maximise returns by minimising the lifetime running costs of your fleet. We offer a comprehensive fleet plan and discount structure to suit the type and size of your fleet. From small business to Blue Chip Corporate and Government Customers, a solution can be tailored to fit your vehicle needs and budget. Please enquire about the attractive Fleet pricing for your next Toyota Fleet Vehicle.

Fleet types to suit all:

1 - 4 Vehicles - Bronze Fleet

Perfect for the small to medium-sized business, Bronze is designed to offer all the services you require for a fleet of fewer than 5 vehicles.

Vehicle registration: Vehicles must be registered in the business entity or nominated leasing company name.

5 - 49 Vehicles - Silver Fleet

Silver is designed to service companies with a mid-sized fleet of up to 49 vehicles.

Commitment: Purchase 2 or more vehicles per year.

50 + - Gold Fleet

For those companies with a large fleet of 50 or more vehicles, Gold is designed to offer a premium service to assist in the overall management and efficiency of your fleet – ensuring maximum returns for your business.
This includes your company's own designated Fleet Representative who is on call to address any fleet issues you may have.
Commitment: Purchase 15 or more vehicles per year.

We also deal with Local and State Government pricing and welcome interstate / country enquiry.

Genuine Toyota Service Advantage

Toyota Service Advantage can make the cost of ownership of a new Toyota a lot less than other cars. You see, you pay the same capped price from one handbook service to the next for the first three years or 60,000km*, whichever comes first. All of which makes budgeting and forecasting far easier. Plus you enjoy all the benefits of having your Toyota vehicles serviced by Toyota trained Technicians using Toyota diagnostic equipment.

For Government, Rental and Fleet-Not-For-Profit who are ineligible for Toyota Service Advantage, we offer Toyota Pre-Paid Service. This helps you stay on top of your servicing costs and manage your outgoings. All of which means you’re in safe hands with Toyota Genuine Service