Toyota Service Guarantee


1. What is the Toyota Service Guarantee?

The Toyota Service Guarantee Program (the Program) has been established to help to provide owners of eligible Toyota vehicles with transparency as to what they can expect to pay as well as what can be expected to be performed to have their vehicle serviced at a participating Toyota dealers.

The Program provides eligible guests with the maximum price that they will have to pay for a participating dealer to perform a standard scheduled log book service (under normal operating conditions) on their eligible vehicle..

The Program will be available at participating dealers for all eligible vehicles. The guest may select their preferred participating dealer using the Toyota Service Guarantee Program Tool (Program Tool) available on the Toyota Genuine Service page.

2. Who is eligible to participate in the Program?

To be eligible to participate in the Program, a guest’s vehicle must be a Toyota vehicle that:

  • was first sold in Australia;
  • is a “Current Generation” vehicle (that is, a vehicle that is the most current release); or “the Previous Generation” (that is a vehicle up to 7 years old from the generation immediately preceding the Current Generation. For further information, speak to your Toyota dealer) ; and
  • has mileage of less than 150,000 kilometres (Eligible Vehicle)

3. How does a guest participate in the Toyota Service Guarantee?

To participate in the Program, guests with an Eligible Vehicle must:

  • visit the Toyota Genuine Service page and input the details for their Eligible Vehicle into the Program Tool;
  • use the Program Tool to create a "Service Guarantee";
  • book a standard scheduled log book service with their selected participating dealer, mentioning at the time of booking that they have a Service Guarantee;
  • bring their Eligible Vehicle, along with their Service Guarantee, to the participating dealer to be serviced; and
  • complete the standard service paperwork and processes, as required by the dealer.

4. Service Guarantee Validity

  • All Service Guarantees will be valid until (whichever comes first):
    • 30 days from the generation of the Service Guarantee; or
    • 31 December of calendar year in which the Service Guarantee was generated; or
    • the date of Toyota Service Advantage price expiry for the selected vehicle VIN
    • the date at which the Eligible Vehicle ceases to be eligible pursuant to the conditions set out in clause 2 above; or
    • in the event that the Service Guarantee has been generated for an Eligible Vehicle covered by the Toyota Service Advantage programme (TSA), the date at which the Eligible Vehicle ceases to be covered by the TSA (refer to Toyota Service Advantage Terms & Conditions as published on website).
  • The validity of a Service Guarantee will be subject to accurate information about the Eligible Vehicle being provided by the guest at time of creation. Failure to include correct information may result in the Service Guarantee being void.

5 Inclusions

A service performed on an Eligible Vehicle under the Program includes:

  • all items listed in the service schedule (available from the Toyota Genuine Service page or set out in the “Warranty and Service Book” for the relevant Eligible Vehicle; and
  • all items specified under the standard 'Maintenance for Normal Operating Conditions' schedule detailed in the Warranty and Service Logbook. This includes inspection and adjustment of all items listed, genuine parts, labour and fluids required for each standard scheduled service for the relevant Eligible Vehicle.

When providing a Service, Dealers will ensure that all of the items and services listed in the Eligible Vehicle's log book are performed.

6. Exclusions

Additional service or repair items which are not itemised in the Eligible Vehicle's logbook for the relevant Service will not be included in the maximum price and may incur an additional fee.

Specific exclusions include repairs and/or service adjustments required due to misuse of the Eligible Vehicle or negligence, including (but not limited to):

  • formal or informal competitive events, such as racing;
  • off-road use where the Eligible Vehicle is not designed or marketed for that use;
  • water ingress from floods or deep water fording;
  • overloading (specific permissible loads are covered in the Eligible Vehicle owner's manual);
  • improper adjustment, repair, tampering or modifications to the Eligible Vehicle by a non-Toyota repairer;
  • accident damage;
  • lack of proper care or attention as defined in the Eligible Vehicle's owner's manual or instructions;
  • additional maintenance due to the fitment of non-Toyota approved parts, accessories, add-on parts, improper or lack of maintenance; or
  • use of fuels, oils, lubricants, coolants or fluids other than those specified in the Eligible Vehicle's owner's manual.
  • additional 'Maintenance for Severe Operating Conditions' scheduled service requirements.
  • LPG additional maintenance items.
  • normal wear and tear items requiring additional maintenance (e.g. fuses, brake pads replacement, wiper blades, batteries, wheel alignment correction, tyres etc.).
  • air conditioner filter replacement unless specified in the normal maintenance schedule.
  • accident damage to any body, chassis or driveline components.
  • additional maintenance and repairs that may be recommended by your Toyota Dealer to suit your particular driving conditions.

No service or repair work subject to exclusion will be undertaken on the Eligible Vehicle without the prior agreement of the guest, and will be charged in addition to the maximum price set out in the relevant Service Guarantee.

7. How do I opt out from receiving further information about the Toyota Service Guarantee?

Guests should inform their local dealer if they no longer wish to receive information regarding the Program or visit the Toyota Genuine Service page.

8. Who do I talk to if I am not happy with the Toyota Service Guarantee?

If you are not happy with any part of the Program, please contact your dealer in the first instance, and if you are still not satisfied, please contact the Toyota Guest experience centre on 1800 869 862.